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Pontenoyu, situated in Tuscany between Florence and Pisa, is a small farmhouse conceived in the "Ryokan" style, the traditional Japanese guesthouse offering both half board room accomodation and access to an outdoor hot bath named "Rotenburo" where guests relax before dinner, hightlight of their stay.

The name Ponte no yu means "Ponte's Bath" or "Ponte's Hot water" in Japanese and refers to the Rotenburo experience offered to the confort of our guests (but it could mean "Oil del Ponte" as well since the ideogram for oil can also be read "yu").

The immersion in a Rotenburo creates a privileged relationship with nature that surrounds you, without intermediation of any kind, in the pure contemplation of what is. This wherever you may be, in Japan or in Italy. Starting from the universality of this experience and with the warm support from our Japanese friends, we dared to insert a traditional hot bath in the Tuscan countryside and to name it Pontenoyu while offering the products of our Italian soil in a hospitality inspired from the Japanese Ryokan.

Behind Pontenoyu there is primarily a country life in family whose values and joys are the very foundation of our project and that we would be pleased to share with you. We all wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay in Tuscany.